Jeronimo Roofing and Construction

Specializing in Roofing Repairs, Wood Repairs and other Handyman Services

Serving Orange County Since 1992 

Insured and Bonded

Wood Repairs

            We will replace any old, missing, damaged wood. We use same design, same measurements, same everything. If you decide to do something different please feel free to ask us to leave it like how you want it. We Will paint the color matching the old wood if paint was necessary. Have more questions please feel free to give us a call. 


Another great service we offer is Fencing. We can replace your fence and give you a much better looking one. We will follow all instructions you give us on how you would like your new fence. Color, type off wood, type of lock and much more. Other things we do is just replace any rotten or dry rotted wood on fences. We will match the same size and everything like the old one. It would look like the same thing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.