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Welcome to Jeronimo Roofing:

          Once you have contacted us we will show up that same day for any inspections. You will show us where the problem is located at and we will climb the roof and find the problem our self. We work by taking pictures for we can show you the problem our self. Once we have found the problem we will communicate on what kinds of solutions we recommend. From there we will try our best to restore your roof to its best conditions. We will include guarantee on your roof if any problems surface from we have worked on.  We will treat your roof like if it was our roof. We will do daily cleaning if the job goes over one day. We will leave you feeling confident that we have done our job successfully. For more information please read more about our services down below.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When it comes with Shingle Roofing we are experts at it. We will look for old shingles, cracked, cupped, damaged or missing shingles. We will also look at your cap shingles along the peak and the ridges of your roof. If you still have questions on how we do our services please feel free to call us anytime for a free inspection. 

*We use same tiles unless client wants new tiles*

Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete tiles are one of California's favorite kinds of roofs. When you have cracked, broken, or damaged tiles water can get in between them. Once we have gotten up to your roof we will count how many tiles are broken, cracked and maybe even missing. We will try our best to find all of the tiles. If you have a leak in your concrete tile roof, we will remove the tiles surrounding the radius of the leak. We will look for damaged tar paper. If you still have questions now how we do this kind of service, please feel free to call us at anytime.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are one of our favorite kinds of roofs to work on. We will look for damaged part of the roof. We will also look for ponding water, lack of maintenance, and for poor installation. If we still can't find the problem we will look under the roll of roof and look for any damaged wood. Still have questions? Please feel free to call us at any time.

Damaged Wood, Dry Rot, Termite Repair

We will replace any old, missing, damaged wood. We use same design, same measurements, same everything. If you decide to do something different please feel free to ask us to leave it like how you want it. We Will paint the color matching the old wood if paint was necessary. Have more questions please feel free to give us a call. 

Gutter Cleaning

We don't just offer shingle, tile, and flat roofing inspections. We also offer gutter cleaning for a compete tune up. Over the years dirt, leaves, debris builds up in your gutters. We offer to remove the clutter that one day will cause a clog in your gutters. Any questions for this service please feel free to contact us.